The ABCs of Situationships

(A)www look at this text I just got.

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From “(b)ae” to “blocked.” 

“(C)an I watch his snap from your phone?”

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(D)elete my number.

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When you realize he/she is for (e)verybody.


(G)irlllllll. I just sent the screenshot.

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“(H)ow did you end up in a relationship so fast? We just saw each other last week!”

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(I)’m changing my netflix password.

(J)ust text me when you’re outside.

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Sometimes you just gotta accept the (L.)

When your (M)CM says things like, “what’s understood aint gotta be explained.”

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If my (n)udes get leaked, I’m taking every penny in that student checking account.

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At least you didn’t end up (p)regnant. #silverlining

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If his/her name starts with a “(Q)”, you probably should’ve known better.

The best (r)evenge is actually showing up to the function looking like a snack.

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No, your parents are not your roommates. (S)top saying that. 

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“A bond is better than a (t)itle.”

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Don’t ever let anyone send you home in an (U)ber.

The good, the bad, the (v)olunteered lie.

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Oh, look! Another unsolicited “(W)YD” text.

When the  double back proves why e(x)es are exes.

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Wait. I don’t even like (y)ou that much.

“I miss (Z)addy.”

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