a note on rainy days

This is not a funny story. In fact, it’s so unfunny that it’s hilarious. The events that make up this story did not just happen to me, but I have a way of explaining them far greater than anyone else involved and if they don’t respect that their whole perspective is wack.

I got caught in the rain today but this is nothing new because I ALWAYS get caught in the rain. No amount of snooze button taps could stop this day from happening. I knew and accepted that but Jesus Christ, can I at least brush my teeth first? Guess not.

My 4-day whirlwind romance ended because he went back to his girlfriend and while I try to make sense of that, I get caught in the fucking rain. What sucks the most about this isn’t the fact that I’m preparing to spend part of my last $20 until payday on fried chicken wings at the Chinese store, but the fact that I get caught in the rain in every capacity. Today, I’m caught in reality and in my love life…and unfortunately, I forgot my umbrella at home for both.

That was a lot. Let’s start from the beginning.