“I started reading 20sfor20s when I was going through a breakup. It showed me I wasn’t alone, I’m not the only who entertains dadas longer than I should, also not alone in getting a little too drunk and regretting those  2am “you up” texts. Most of all I laughed, I cried, I learned to believe in my black girl magic, and I found the beauty in not having it all together. You’ve inspired me in more ways than you know.“

“I appreciate 20sfor20s so much because it is more than just a blog, it is a literary work of art that transcends the click-bait we experience daily on social media.  It has given me the opportunity to watch you grow, and has even aided me in confronting emotions of my own.  I appreciate you for always being raw and honest with us, the consumers, and sincerely wish you more success, more growth, and more light in everything you do.  Thank you for putting your truths into the universe for us all to get a bit more comfortable in our own.”

“I started reading 20for20s to gain insight on life’s ups and downs from a young black woman’s perspective. It is an effort to learn about what women go through in 2016, and grow into a better “less of an ain’t shit nigga” version of myself, as women’s voices and experiences have long been ignored. In two years, the writings have become cathartic for both Sharifa and the reader. While many of the posts are personal and reflective, they are relatable even for a young man trying to figure shit out, too. “